About Villa Thalgo

History has been made once again at the picturesque town of Windsor. Villa Thalgo at Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley is just an hour's drive from the heart of Sydney, where you'll find a deeply satisfying balance between natural marine therapies and products, state-of-the-art spa techniques and vital expertise. The therapeutic properties of sea water and marine life have been known to mankind as far back as ancient civilisations. During the last century, hydrotherapy spas were developed in Europe, and their popularity has remained ever since.

aboutIn the 1960s, Thalgo Cosmetic of France began exploring the world's oceans and seas to extract vital active marine ingredients which enhance the beneficial effects of sea water therapies. The richest in proteins, minerals and trace-elements of cold water sea plants are harvested during equinoxes only when their concentrations are at a maximum. Using their own patented techniques, Thalgo formulate the marine algae into a comprehensive range of intensive skin and body care products which are used by aesthetic professionals and major hydrotherapy centres around the world. By harnessing the power of these  mineral-rich extracts, marine algae concentrates and eco-friendly proteins, Thalgo deliver dramatic effects in revitalising, rebalancing, detoxifying and general firming and toning of the face and body from top to toe.

Experience all this at Villa Thalgo at Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley. Behind its distinctive colonial-style exterior there's everything you'd expect to find in a world class hydrotherapy spa. The centrepiece is a magnificent swimming pool for relaxation, and an analytic pool with 6 hydrotherapy exercise stations. The 2 hydrotherapy spas, 3 body wrap wet-treatment rooms, 5 facial treatment rooms, 3 massage rooms and a vichy shower.

Relaxation is also an important part of any treatment, and we have a relaxation room and a steam room just for that purpose. There's nothing like a program of hydrotherapy to induce a healthy appetite. Lunch can be booked in advance.

For home use, there's a beauty shop which stocks a comprehensive range of Thalgo face and body care products. Hydrotherapy spas in Europe are usually attached to highly rated hotel, where a health and beauty program can be followed with an evening of relaxing and dining in comfort. In this regard, Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley complements Villa Thalgo perfectly. The resort hotel is rated four-and-a-half stars, and offers guests the best of all worlds-tranquil surroundings, country hospitality, city expertise and all the comforts.

All good reasons why you might want to stay on after your program. There are many different hydrotherapy treatment packages available. Enrich yourself with a half day, full day or several-day program, or choose from one of our extensive range of packages. There are rejuvenating retreats for couples, and packages designed specially with conferences and bridal parties in mind. Choose from one of our standard packages or create one to suit your individual needs.