Destination Candles

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Untouched and unspoiled, Tahaa is the ultimate natural high.

Capturing the exotic Caribbean charm and laid-back attitude.

Think flamboyant street parades accompanied by wild music and lots of laughter.

Sassy from the moment you strike a light, with a big city flavour.

Inspired by the ancient Zen Temple of The Golden Pavilion and its magnificent strolling garden.

Inspired by remote holidays where thatched bungalows hover over clear aqua waters.

Like driving on a winding Italian road overlooking the stunning ocean, Amalfi Coast will excite and...

Marseille is a contrasting blend of Gardenia, Sandalwood, Cardamom and Casaba Melon aromas with a...

Grass skirts on shaking hips, Hula dancers and aromatic leis.

Bright lights, carousel music and infinite fun.

Hustle and bustle, scents and smells, rock and roll.

Escape to a life of high rollers and high fashion.